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Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally Assisted Programs. Let E & A assist you with your acqusition program. We'll ensure the process meets federal citeria and local environmental and re-zoning requirements to maximize your acqusition value and efforts.

Effective land use planning will help you maximize your future revenue stream while benfiting the local community and economy.

Our staff is experienced with permitting efforts for projects across the country. Familiarity and experience with the NEPA process and owner input early in the process are critical for success. Subscribe

As planning and environmental permitting requirements increase, accurate conceptaul design efforts are in demand particulalry for project budgeting and scheduling purposes.

TERPS and Part 77 surface analysis.

Capital Development Improvement Program development services.. Subscribe

Dan McKinney is our Vice President and certified planner who leads our transportation master planning efforts with a focus on aviation planning. We also provide residential and commercial development planning efforts.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and Low Impact Development (LID) design and compliance expertise.

Financial pro-formas and budget analysis.

Airport Layout Plans / Terminal Area Plan development. Subscribe