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BCB - Airport Layout Plan Update

Eden & Associates has prepared an update to Virginia Tech-Montgomery Executive Airport’s ALP that includes the Runway 12-30 extension to allow for a 5,500-ft runway at the Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport, relocation of a fuel farm, and expansion of the terminal apron. The ALP include the relocation of Research Center Drive and Trail realignment.

You can download a PDF version of the latest ALP sheet here:

  • BCB ALP Sheet 3
  • Community Outreach

    Eden & Associates encourages its employees to take advantage of outreach opportunities. Here, Meredith Jones is leading a tour of the Village at Tom’s Creek residential development in Blacksburg, VA to a class of Virginia Tech Students. The class, Sustainable Land Development, is funded by a non-profit organization called the Land Development Design Initiative which E & A supports financially each year as well as serving in volunteer efforts such as this one. The development is located near Virginia Tech and is a client of E & A which includes over 200 residential units of single family and multifamily uses displaying many sustainable features.

    MTV - Runway Extension Environmental Assessment

    E & A recently completed the Environmental Assessment documentation required as part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) associated with land development projects utilizing federal funds. Part of the EA process includes publication of the final document and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) documents for public viewing. The documents are available to download per the links below:

  • CLT - Deicing Pad and South Crossfield Taxiway Design

    As a subcontractor to WSP, E & A is developing earthwork design and analysis for the new Deicing Pad and South Crossfield Taxiway project at Charlotte Douglas Internatinoal Airport. The construction requires an estimated 1.5 million cubic yards of embankment to support the proposed development. The project is estimated to begin construction in the Summer of 2020.

    BCB - Runway 12-30 Extension

    Eden & Associates is prepared the final design documents for the Runway 12-30 extension to allow for a 5,500-ft runway at the Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport. The design included coordination with VDOT for the Research Center Drive and Trail realignment to be constructed as part of the $40 million South Gate Intechange expansion project in 2015. The design consists of three tasks; the Runway 12 Extension and Runway 30 westward shift, Hokie Hangar Demolition Design, and Bid & Award services. Some of the project highlights include:

    E & A is currently providing construction phase services for the final Phase 3 of construction scheduled for completion the fall of 2020.

    MTV - Airport Layout Plan Update

    Blue Ridge Regional Airport (MTV) is general aviation airport located in Henry County, outside of Martinsville Virginia near the Virginia-North Carolina border. The airport is operated by the Blue Ridge Airport Authority (BRAA).
    Eden & Associates assessed the overall Airport goals and objectives; evaluated the anticipated future operational demands; documented the associated facility requirements and evaluated the financial and environmental “costs versus benefits” of possible alternative development scenarios. From these analyses, E&A generated a layout plan incorporating new facility requirements in a practical and logical arrangement around the existing infrastructure to ensure all airport users can be accomodated safely and efficiently at MTV for the next 20 years. The BRAA accepted and signed the ALP Update in December 2018.

    MTV - Runway 12-30 Rehabilitation

    Eden & Associates provided design and construction phase services for the main runway 12/30 rehabilitation at Blue Ridge Regional Airport completed in the fall of 2019. The rehabilitation included longitudinal grade corrections to account for stricter FAA profile standards being applied with the upcoming runway extension project. By making the corrections with this rehabilitation project, no additional work on the existing 5,000 foot runway will be needed for the extension project. Some of the project highlights include:

    ROA - New Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)

    As a subcontractor to the lead architect Mead & Hunt, Eden & Associates provided site development design and construction aadministration services for a new Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport. Site design requirements included relocation of the existing employee parking lot and converstion to a new rental car facility parking area. Extensive utility design and stormwater management were completed as part of the design services. The new facility is under construction through 2020.

    PGV - Land Development Services

    The Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority desired to utilize Airport property for non-aviation use to generate additional revenue for the facility. E&A provided preliminary funding alternatives and development options followed by generation of a land development Request for Proposals currently under evaluation and comment by the Airport Authority.

    MTV - Taxilane Rehabilitation

    Blue Ridge Regional Airport (MTV) desired to rehabilitate the taxilane pavement supporting access to the T-Hangars located on the northern side of the Airport. E&A provided design and construction management services for the project which finished under budget.

    BCB - Corporate Hangar Development

    Eden & Associates is under contract to provide conceptual design services for a new executive corporate hangar at the Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport. The services include analysis of varying options for 15,000 sf. to 30,000 sf. hangar spaces capable of supporting various business aircraft. The project development is per the approved Airport Layout Plan and accounts for similar adjacent development at the Airport.

    The Clocktower at the Commonwealth Centre

    Commonwealth Boulevard Associates engaged Eden & Associates to upgrade their former textile facility to address code requirements. The tower anchors a new look that will eventually include another elevator tower. The project successfuly converted a manufacturing facility to modern office space.

    BCB - T-Hangar and Corporate Hangar Site Design

    Eden & Associates is under contract for design services associated with site improvements required to support the construction of two T-hangar complexes and one 15,000 sf. corporate hangar site at the Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport. The new T-hangars will contain up to 12 nested units each and may include executive hangars based on the airport’s need. The corporate hangar site will include the ability to accommodate a 15,000 sf. building with associated utilities and parking. The site work will include taxilane access from the t-hangars to the main terminal apron and private apron from the corporate hangar pad to the public apron. The T-hangars, associated taxilanes with approximately 10,000 - 12,000 sy of pavement, 200’-300’access road, and parking lots with approximately 30 spaces will be constructed on an approximate 11-12 acre site west of the terminal area.

    Adult Day Care

    As a first step in pursuing a new facility, Adult Daycare of Martinsville and Henry County engaged Eden & Associates to perform an analysis of their existing building for expansion and renovations. It was determined that a new facility was more cost effective. Programming, conceptual plans, and budget preparation prepared the way for a successful fundraising campaign that took less than two years.

    Southgate Connector - Blacksburg

    Eden & Associates is part of a team led by MBP to provide Construction Engineering, and Inspection (CEI) services for the $40 million Southgate Connector project in Blacksburg, VA. The project will construct a new interchange and focal point of entry to the adjacent Virginia Tech University. Construction is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2015 and be completed over three years in various phases.

    Emergency Service Training Center

    DuPont leased part of their facility to Henry County, VA. Renovations to accommodate training, shower, and office facilities converted the space to serve as Emergency Services Training and Headquarters.

    Henry County Burn Facility

    Henry County engaged Eden & Associates to prepare plans for an innovative Burn Building that uses metal building type construction. This facility was built on the former Martinsville DuPont facility and serves as a regional training facility. The five story facility provides a wide variety of training experiences and has been in continuous use since it completion.

    J. G. Edelen Co., Inc.

    E & A designed the recently opened JG Edelen facility in Patriot Centre, VA. Warehouse space, office space, and a showroom that features company products in a special lighted display setting are included in the facility. Using 40 foot tall clearances permits the warehouse to provide four levels of rack storage. This facility is primarily used to support sales from the company's web site as a transition is made to the 21st century business environment.

    First Presbyterian Church

    E & A provided engineering services for the design and construction of the First Presbyterian Church at Collinsville, VA


    Eden & Associates designed this high technology research facility for Virginia Tech. The Joint Unmanned Systems Test Experimentation, and Research (JOUSTER) facility is devoted to providing the unique capabilities needed to support and conduct unmanned system experimentation. The 1200 acre JOUSTER site includes a variety of on-road terrain, site instrumentation, wireless networking, onsite amenities, and an experienced and flexible staff. JOUSTER infrastructure and support is open to government, industry, and academic customers.